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Help & Info about DayZ for windows

  • Is DayZ a free game?

    DayZ is not a free game in this instance, but what you are about to download is free to have and use. What you are about to download is a free mod that was created by a group of programmers who wished to create a zombie apocalypse within the Arma2 game. This mod is free to download, and use, but you will need the base game Arma 2 in order to install this mod.
  • Is this the game called DayZ and is it finished?

    There is an unfinished and very poor quality game called DayZ, and even though that game is also about a zombie apocalypse, this Arma 2 mod is not part of that game. The Arma 2 mod is also called DayZ, and it turns what is usually an Arma 2 scenario into a zombie scenario. Again, this mod has nothing to do with the unfinished game known as DayZ or Day Z.
  • Is this the same as Operation Flashpoint?

    The Operation Flashpoint franchise followed its success with Arma and then Arma 2. You may (or may not) have to pay for Arma 2, but you will not have to pay for this mod. This mod is not compatible with any version of the Operation Flashpoint software. If you make headshots when shooting zombies, it does limited damage and you are often better shooting them in the body like you did with Operation Flashpoint enemies.
  • Do I have to pay for this mod?

    You will need to buy the game Arma 2, but you will not have to buy this mod because it was created for free by the programming community.
  • Is it a first or third person game?

    You can switch between first person for aimed shooting, and third person for running around. Most of the time, you will be playing in the third person.
  • Why do I start without my equipment?

    If you are used to playing the Arma games, you will be used to having a small arsenal every time you start a game. Since this is a zombie apocalypse mod, you only start with two tins of beans and a pistol. Guns are very difficult to find, but you may find them in buildings. Rifles and such will create a loud noise that attracts zombies.
  • The loading screen starts and then it goes off, what should I do?

    It appears that the mod is not compatible with your system or your version of Arma 2. You can try playing with your compatibility settings on your computer, but it is likely that you cannot play the mod on your computer.
  • What should I do if my virus checker tries to quarantine this game or mod?

    You need to allow your virus checker to quarantine and delete the mod. The file itself may be safe, but there may be malware on your system that can exploit the mod (usually to steal your in-game items, credits, etc.).
  • How much hard drive space does this mod take up?

    It is 106.67 MB, which seems like a lot for a mod, but think of this more as a very quick extension of the game rather than a mod that just tweaks a few things. This mod changes much of the game by way of making it into more of a survival adventure.
  • Where did my kit go after I died?

    If you die in the game, then you lose everything and you have to start from the very beginning. The only upside to this is that your previous injuries and pain indicators are all reset, which means you start out the game without shaking as you shoot.


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